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Philadelphia, N.Y.– Members of the Men’s and Women’s tennis teams competed in the USTA/ITA Region Championship this weekend.  Junior Kauana Goncalves reached the quarterfinals on the Women’s Singles B Draw and teamed up with teammate Robyn Romanoff to take the Women’s Doubles B Draw.

On the men’s side, Francisco Del Castillo and Sardorjan Mamadjanov competed in the Men’s Singles B Draw and reached the second and third round respectively before teaming up and reaching the third round in the Men’s Doubles B Draw.

Women’s Singles A Draw
1st Round     DC Robyn Romanoff def GCU Maria Leal 6-1, 6-1
2nd Round    QC  Francesca Fanchin def DC Robyn Romanoff 6-0, 6-3
Women’s Singles B Draw
1st Round      DC Kauana Goncalves def MC Mollie Fitzgerald 8-0
2nd Round     DC Kauana Goncalves def PU Liz Verbits 8-1
3rd Round      DC Kauana Goncalves def Con Camilla Xavier 8-2
4th Round      DC Kauana Goncalves def PU Magil Kurts 4-1 Retired
Quarterfinals   SNHU Amanda Albuquerque def DC Kauana Goncalves 8-3
Women’s Doubles B Draw
1st Round      BYE
2nd Round     DC Goncalves/Romanoff def CHC Puhl/Craskey 8-1
3rd Round      DC Goncalves/Romanoff def LIU Hecco/Gaimaro 8-0
Quarterfinals   DC Goncalves/Romanoff def SC Lawrence/Kump 8-1
Semifinals       DC Goncalves/Romanoff def CHC Parapouras/Oechsle 8-3
Finals             DC Goncalves/Romanoff def AU Toft/Posa 8-4
Men’s Singles B Draw
1st Round     DC Francisco Del Castillo BYE
1st Round     DC Sardorjan Mamadjanov def SNHU Brad Malenich 8-2
2nd Round    DC Sardorjan Mamadjanov def SC Jared Drzal 8-0
2nd Round    SC Phillip Klados def DC Francisco Del Castillo 8-3
3rd Round     AIC Thijs Bik def DC Sardorjan Mamadjanov 8-4
Men’s Doubles B Draw
1st Round DC  Del Castillo/Mamadjanov def AU Tiberko/Villarruel 8-0
2nd Round DC Del Castillo/Mamadjanov def BU Rindo/Waddington 8-6
3rd Round  CHC Taylor/Moore def DC Del Castillo/Mamadjanov 8-6