Hall of Fame

Kip Sephens
Kip Stephens
Induction Class of 2004
Men’s Lacrosse

Although Stephens played just one year on the Dowling lacrosse team, he made huge contributions to both the school and athletic department. The Panamanian-born Stephens came to the United States in 1970 and enrolled at Dowling in 1973. He obtained his degree in social sciences after only three years, and left a lasting impression on those who knew him. While serving as an assistant adjunct professor from 1977-1986, Stephens organized new events at Dowling such as a teenage bodybuilding competition that drew close to 700 people, and helped to raise money for the department. Stephens joined the Dowling Lacrosse them in 1975 and played under Dowling Hall of Fame coach Jerald Curtain. Curtain described Stephens as a “fast well-conditioned athlete” who could take the ball at any time.

Master Stephens, an accomplished martial artist, was inducted into The American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2000 and holds a seventh-degree black belt in Kempo Boxing from the Union Oriental Panamena Federation. Stephens has been studying martial arts for over 45 years and also holds a third-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and gives private and group lessons in self-defense. He has worked as a special education assistant for BOCES at Jefferson Academic Center in Port Jefferson since 1997, calling on the experience he gained working with the physically challenged at the Hausman Center in Dowling College. He is currently single and resides in Oakdale, NY.

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