Why Division II?

Life in the Balance. Higher education has lasting importance on an individual’s future success. For this reason, the emphasis for the student-athlete experience in Division II is a comprehensive program of learning and development in a personal setting. The Division II approach provides growth opportunities through academic achievement, learning in high-level athletic competition and development of positive societal attitudes in service to community. The balance and integration of these different areas of learning opportunity provide Division II student-athletes a path to graduation while cultivating a variety of skills and knowledge for life ahead.

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Why a Hexagon?

A Hexagon is one of the nature’s strongest building blocks. We see it in the representation of atomic structures, the community of a beehive, and the individuality of each snowflake.

The six attributes of Division II all add to the Division II experience equally and are interdependent. So, a hexagon is used as a quick graphic representation of the relationship between all attributes and is the graphical theme of the new Division II looks.